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  • Job

  • Self Employed

  • Student

  • I Have Investments

  • I'm A Contractor

  • Working Holiday

  • Business Owner

  • Retirement Income


Students and compensation earners, standard deductions, government allowances, credits and adjustments

  • Salary/wages income
  • Allowances
  • Employer lump sum payments
  • Interest Income
  • Personal deductions
  • Tax offsets
  • Medicare
    • Medicare levy
    • Private health insurance policy details
  • Unlimited account support (email and chat)

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Basic Plus

Taxpayers with investment property and sole contractors (with ABN income)


Everything in Basic, plus:

  • Rental property income
  • Sole contractor income
  • Shares & Dividend calculation

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Taxpayers with investment properties, buying/selling shares, and self-employed taxpayers

  • Sole traders
  • Capital gains - Buying and selling of shares
  • 3 or more rental income schedules

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Working Holiday

Working holiday visa holders, deductions, medicare exemption


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I am really happy that you could help me and I am feeling really grateful that you will help me making sure that I get my money (I need it in this hard times). I will be waiting for it, I just have to say thank you, I will recommend you to all the students travelling to Australia.
Alejandro Restrepo Osorio review
Thank you so much for understanding my concern. I am very thankful for that! And I am generally very happy with your service, which is why I recommended it to all my Friends I met in Australia who are also still struggling to get their taxes back.
Theresa Wuellhorst review
I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work in this difficult time. Once again much appreciated indeed for your help. I will definitely let you know or recommend to anyone need help in regards to a tax return or DASP claim. You the fist one come to my mind in this matter of issue.
Norjahan Bibi review

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