Rushing to Lodge Your Tax Returns? Get a Tax Agent.

September 30, 2020 5:17 am

October’s here. If you haven’t lodged your tax returns yet that means you only have four weeks left to do so. By this time, getting professional tax refund services would be your best option. Here are the advantages of getting a registered tax agent help you with lodging your tax returns.

What is a tax agent?

Tax returns may seem simple but they’re not. Australian taxation is actually very complex and might be too much for any single person to do. This is where registered tax agents like pinkcow come in.

Tax agents like pinkcow have advanced training in accounting, in tax and law, and have extensive tax experience preparing and lodging income tax returns. They help taxpayers like you with tax returns, wage and superannuation deductions, and tax refunds. Tax agents also help businesses with their tax needs, compliance, returns, and other concerns.

Why get a tax agent?

Australians, backpackers, and other people who are employed in Australia hire tax agents like pinkcow because they offer a lot of advantages—experience, experience, and prime qualifications. Tax agents can help so you’ll have peace of mind about your tax return needs, and:

  • spend less time worrying about your taxes and returns
  • have confidence and trust that your taxes are done right and your refunds are maximised
  • expert help and support for when the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) sends you a notice

Moreover, professional tax agents are registered with the Australian Tax Practitioners Board (TPB). The TPB is a government body that oversees tax agents. It protects you under a law called Safe Harbour (part of Taxation Administration Act 1953) which provides consumer protection when you hire your tax agent.

Deadline time: don’t delay!

Most registered tax agents have a special lodgement program and can lodge returns for their clients after the usual 31 October deadline. But be sure to contact your tax agent for advice, before 31 October, or else, you’ll be fined by the ATO—penalties increase every 28 days, so don’t delay!

If you would like to know more about how we may be able to assist you with your tax returns, let us know—we’d love to help!